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Posted on 2017-10-30 02:53:04 by Philbertus

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Yes, who is it?
... Oh, hello girlfriend-chan.
No, I'm Mrs.DICKINSON, Anon's mother.
... No, Anon can't talk to you right now.
Me and his other mother, who's also Mrs.DICKINSON mind you,
are teaching him a lesson about keeping secrets from us;
especially ones such as having girlfriends without permission at such an early age... That is why, I'm afraid he will be grounded for at least the entire weekend, while both me and my wife will punish him HARDly and THOROUGHly until he'll finally understand just how BIG and how DEEP our love for him is... <3 <3 <3
This is, after all, the most important family value for us DICKINSON...

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Uuhh... Uuuggh... Aah... Aggh... Aaaaaghhh!
M-m-mo-moooms, please... I-i-it's too much...
Y-y-you're b-both so BIG, s-so LONG and so LARGE,
and then you're also i-i-inside my butt together...
U-usually when you p-punish me i-i-it's just one of you inside my b-b-butt while the o-other one is i-iiiih!
... Inside my mouth... A-and even t-that is a-a-always too much for me... B-but now you're even inside my butt a-a-at the same time!! I-I can't go onnn... I-it hurts! It hurts so much! P-p-please, mommies, stop this, please! It's too much! Please forgive me! Forgive me! Please! Please, stop this! Mommy! Mooooommieeeess... Cumming!

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Hush, hush anon-chan!! Calm down! It's not too much after all, right!? You're a young man already, so you should be able to take both of us inside your butt at the same time!!
Also, should I remind you that this is a punishment?!
So, no more complaining from you young man, and...
Oh?!? Ooohh!! Oooooohhhh!!! Look at you!!
You caaaaaame!!! <3 <3 <3 Good boy! <3 Goooood booooy! <3
You had your first proper prostate orgasm! <3 <3
You came without even the need for either your mommies to jerk you off! Good boy... <3 Mommy is so proud of you! <3 <3
And I bet even your other mom is proud, sweety! <3 <3 <3

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Later, anon's girlfriend called him a pervert and dumped him after hearing him moaning and screaming at the phone about what was obviously her boyfriend having sex with his own mothers (that was received with a double "just as planned" from both Mrs.DICKINSON)... Little did she know, though, that it wasn't actually anon-kun fucking his mothers and "forcing" them to have sex with him, but it was indeed the very opposite! ... In fact, poor anon was actually still a virgin. Not with his butt or with his mouth obviously, but with his penis. He was only allowed to be entered from his mothers, never to enter them. The most they did for him was just sucking him off, once every month or so (usually taking turns just to make sure that anon-kun knew they both cared about him), but only after he beheaved like a good boy all month-long, meaning properly taking all his punishments, aka taking A LOT of MOMCOCK. In both orifices. From both of them. At least they always gave him a proper reacharound or just jerked him off when they fucked him. But nothing more. They thought he wasn't ready to properly lose his virginity yet, he was way too young. And also, they knew once he had his first taste of pussy, he would surely fall in temptation and forget all about his commitment and obligations towards his beloved MOTHERS' COCKS. That's why they devised such a harsh and apparently cruel plan for breaking him up with his first girlfriend, while at the same time making sure he was addicted even more to both their MOMCOCKS.
Mom always knows best, after all.
Anon was particularly lucky because he had 2 mothers.
That's twice mom's wisdom.