5 years ago
I've noticed some people want to help tag but it's a lot of work isn't it?
Here's a handy seven step guide I use to speed things up when tagging.


1st, colors:
Hair color, Eye Color, and Skin Color if she's not caucasian since most will be caucasian.

2nd, gender/equipment:
Is she futanari? (has vagina), shemale? (no vagina). Penis, Testicle, Breast sizes?
Other features of note like pubic hair or piercings? Cat or elf ears? Animal type if she's furry?

3rd, actions:
Is she ejaculating, masturbating, squirting milk, sweating, something else?

4th, status:
Censored? If so bbfail? Photoshoped image?

5th, dress:
What's she wearing, anything unique?

6th, character:
Someone from a game, tv show, movie, comic?

7th, artist:
Who drew her and/or who modded her into a futa?


Let's do this image:

blue_hair green_eyes blue_eyes

futanari testicles big_breasts clit_penis pubic_hair pierced_clitoris multiple_penises

blush sweat urination cum ejaculation wet saliva tears anal vaginal futa_on_futa

censored bbfail


I don't recognize these two from anywhere so I won't put anything.


5 years ago
I usually do everything I can think of except 6 and 7, since I almost always don't know. Then leave the tagme tag in case someone wants to make changes or add stuff.

Also I have a question about that stockings tag. I've been using thigh_highs, since I've seen it used on other booru's. Which would be more preferable?

Another thing, in the example image you used, those look more like large_breasts then big_breasts to me. But I could be wrong.

5 years ago
As far as things like stockings, thigh_highs, tights, pantyhose, goes add which ever you like. It seems everybody has a different opinion about what to call articles of clothes and not on just this board.

As for large vs big I've been using the size rating: small, big, and huge, but it's another po-tay-to po-tot-to thing so do whatever you want.

Looking at how the other boards spill over into stupid little wars about official naming, and then fail to follow established rules anyway, makes me think it's not worth it. Besides, you can add tags that will lead you back to an image you want to remember if you don't want it in your faves.

The only tags I remove now are redundant ones like "penis" or "dick". Yes she has one, they all have one, this is futa booru, you don't have to point out the sky is blue, everyone knows.


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